Wedding Cake ~ My Top 5 Tips

This week I’m talking about my favourite thing…..CAKE! I’m giving away my top 5 wedding cake tips which should make your cake stand out more on your big day!

1. Mix it up when it comes to flavours

When deciding on wedding cake flavours I definitely think you should pick more than one flavour! If you’re having a three tier cake then go for three different flavours. A variety will give your guests more choice. You can even incorporate your favourite things. For example, if the groom drinks Guinness, go for Chocolate Guinness, if you drink Gin, go for Lemon & Elderflower Gin. It’s lovely to add little personal touches.

2. Put your cake flavours on your menu card

I love this one! How often have you been set down a plate of cake and everyone just looks at each other making stab in the dark guesses about the flavours. If you put your cake flavours on the menu card people will immediately be able to work out what each flavour is just by looking at it. It’s also fab when you do pick a quirky flavour like Chocolate Guinness as it creates a talking point around the table as some guests may never have tried it.

3. Have your wedding cake delivered on your wedding day

This is a biggie! All the Mums will relate to this, they will have stories of having to deliver and stack their own wedding cakes the day before their wedding, the word “cake” and “pillars” will most likely be part of their story! No couples need the stress of delivering their own cake and if you get your cake maker to deliver your cake, guess what, your cake is fresher too! Our golden rule, we always deliver on the day of the wedding.

4. When to serve your cake

There are two ways I believe it should be done. The first option is to serve the cake at the traditional time, after dessert with tea & coffee. Then serve the remainder at your evening buffet.

A lot of my couples are now cutting and serving their cake on arrival along side the food provided by the hotel, eg sandwiches, canapes etc. The feedback I have received on this is brilliant! Guests get to enjoy the cake when they are peckish and have time to relax and chat together.

Ok… couples will know my thoughts on when NOT to serve your cake! I know some will say people are too full for cake after the meal, however I know some who will still look for that piece of cake even just to tell everyone what it was like. For those who don’t want any at this stage they will know to look for it at the buffet. However….if you ONLY serve your cake at the buffet I do feel you end up with wastage as not everyone will eat the buffet food or drink tea & coffee. Of course it is up to you when you serve it but this is my experience of it.

5. Take a tupperware box

On the day of the wedding, you will be busy chatting to everyone and you won’t always have a chance to eat the cake. More times than enough I hear, “the cake went down so well we didn’t even get a piece”. This is where your tupperware box comes in. The day before your wedding you will have what’s known as a “Drop off” appointment. I suggest you take a tupperware box to this appointment with a label on the lid which reads, “Please put cake in this box and leave it in the bridal suite on the night of the wedding”. Disclaimer, if you don’t have a tupperware box just ask an older female member of your family!

That’s it for another week, you can catch this in vlog format over on our IGTV as part of our Coffee & Cake Series