Wedding Budget ~ 5 tips for setting your budget

I know setting your wedding budget is the thing you least want to think about because let’s face it….no one wants to be on a budget. You just want to have everything you want and then you’ll be happy! 

I can relate, this is me when I’m wanting another room in the house decorated, I can’t have it all because life just isn’t like that unfortunately!  There are other bills to pay as well as paying for a wedding but I hear ya, wouldn’t it be lovely not to have to worry about the £’s?!

So it’s the thing you don’t want to talk about but really it plays the biggest factor in what way your big day plays out!  That is not to say it won’t be amazing on a smaller budget but it just involves a bit more thinking! 

1. Work out what you can afford 

So sit down together and work out what you can afford.  Remember the reason you’re doing this….yes it’s all about celebration but it’s all about the joining together of two people who love each other and believe me if you keep this in mind when you’re planning it your guests will actually enjoy your wedding even more as it will be personal and stress free.  It shows!

2. Accepting help

So you may have parents who want to help financially with some part of your big day.  This is extremely kind and such a help with the wedding budget but I do think the boundaries need to be clear from the start.  Sit down with parents and chat about what they expect from your big day.  If you just want to have the people you want there but your parents are contributing then you might feel obliged to let them have their own guest list.  It’s totally up to you but either way I think it does need to be discussed early on in the planning!  Another vital part is to find out exactly what they are contributing so you know what’s covered and what isn’t.

3. Numbers are a big deal

As I said last week, number of guests will affect a lot more than just a meal for everyone.  It can make quite a few elements of your day more expensive if you aren’t careful.  For example, 250 guests = 250 meals, desserts, cake portions, evening food!  Really think about who is going on that list.

4. Choose that one luxury

Most people have one thing they don’t want to compromise on!  Be it the photographs, the dress, cake….think about that one thing!  What are you prepared to economise on in order to get your luxury item?!

5. Set up a wedding account

I strongly recommend a separate account for your wedding expenses.  Set up a spreadsheet with all your costs….these will become clearer once you start to book your venue and various suppliers.  This is one reason I recommend booking your suppliers as soon as you book your venue so you know where you are financially.  Once you know your costs you can work out how much you need to set up as a monthly direct debit to your wedding fund account.  I hope this helps with the wedding budget planning, would love to hear how you’re all doing

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Stay Safe

Gemma x