Engaged – 5 things to do when you get engaged

Firstly Congratulations!!  You just got engaged and you’re SO excited you could actually burst!!  You want to tell the world, in-fact….you probably want to start planning your engagement party, choose your entire bridal team and pick a song for your first dance!!!  Stop right there! My advice….take a…..deep….breath and slow…..down!

It’s totally normal to want to do all of these things but honestly….there are other things you need to think about first and it’s important that you don’t rush things like choosing your bridal team! That’s way down the line a bit yet! 

1. Get your story straight!

Announcing your engagement to your family and the world (preferably in that order!)…..the first thing they want to know is….”have you set your date yet?” This is of course a completely acceptable question to ask as these are the people who are genuinely interested.  

However, it’s also a question you’re going to find yourself answering a lot so you need to be prepared!  Keep it short and polite. Tell them you’re just enjoying your engagement for now and can’t wait to plan your engagement bash first!  Most couples are just so excited to be engaged they haven’t even had a chance to think about anything else. That is until the first person asks that question! Be ready!

2. Enjoy it all

Do actually take some time to enjoy being engaged. Whether it’s just the two of you together, an engagement party or both!

3. Talk to each other….

Before you even think about setting your date you need to think about the type of wedding you both want!  You need to sit down and speak with your partner. Make sure you both want the same things and if not then chat about compromises.  

Another thing to consider and chat to your partner about is your budget.  You need to know you’re both on the same page when it comes to how much you can, or indeed want to spend.  

4. Think about numbers

At this stage you may be thinking of inviting everyone you know to your wedding!!! You need to grab a notebook, sit down and make a rough list of who you both want to invite.  Remember that the number of guests you invite will have an impact on lots of things. How many meals you need to provide, arrival food, beverages, cake, evening food etc.  This is only a rough list for now. However, it will not only help when choosing your reception venue but also ceremony venue.  You might be limited with numbers or the venue may have a minimum requirement.  

5. Don’t take all the advice 

One thing you can be sure of is people will volunteer their advice (welcome or not).  Take it all in….listen, smile, nod and take the bits you want to take!  Not everyone has the same ideas for their big day, although would we want every wedding to be the same?

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Stay safe

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