5 Things to do when you have to postpone your wedding due to Covid-19

As part of my new series Coffee & Cake over on IGTV I have popped my latest episode below in blog format for anyone who prefers to read. Weddings are being postponed across the world due to this global pandemic, here are 5 tips to help if you have to postpone your wedding.

1. Communication is key!

Communicate with your venue and suppliers.  Without a doubt, they are working hard helping couples move dates. So contact them to get/check dates and keep them informed of any decisions.

2. Get more than one date from your venue

If you are postponing, get more than one available date from your venue.  This will help your suppliers as they will be under extra pressure with availability next year.  This will save going back and forward a few times.

3. Consider off peak or mid week

Be prepared to look at dates that aren’t maybe as popular.  Dates you maybe wouldn’t originally have considered eg winter months or weekdays.   If you want to keep all your current suppliers you will need to be a little flexible.

4. Speak to your venue contact to see if you do need to Postpone

Perhaps you are unsure whether you need to move your date, talk to your venue for advice.  I am aware some venues are providing back up dates just incase.  It should be noted, if your wedding isn’t until later in the year you just need to sit tight, wait but most importantly…..Don’t Panic!

5. Do something special on your original date

Remember you are not cancelling your wedding!  Undoubtedly you will get married……just on a different date than you thought!  Don’t let the original date pass without “celebrating” it!  It has been a big part of your planning…..have a date night, movie night on the sofa and some bubbles!  Along with this have a zoom party, get family and friends to dress up and celebrate together!  

Most importantly…..

Stay Safe

Gemma x

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