Diary of a Cake “Woman” ~ Week 2

Well done, you have made it through another week.  This week went a little quicker, maybe we are starting to get used to this, the new normal?

Tik Tok

What’s everyone doing to pass the time in isolation? I am learning Tik Tok, much to the horror of my 12 year old!   I am having a ball and really hope to become Tik Tik famous just to show Olivia that I’m not too old!  Joking aside it is light relief, if it helps then I’m just gonna keep at it! 


I am definitely learning a few things from home schooling.  It reminds me that I never wanted to be a teacher….and teaches me that I still don’t.  Hats off to all the teachers, I just do not have the patience!  


To those of you on the frontline not getting a break, we all think you’re amazing.  The other day I posted on my stories I found being out at our front door on Thursday night very emotional!  You’ve all assured me I’m not the only one! Someone lovely described it to me as a happy, hurting emotion that’s messed up!  I think they’ve hit the nail on the head! 

The Highlights

So trying to keep things all bright and cheerful here…..

…..the highlight of my week was getting my hair done!  The greys were rapidly appearing.  My hairdresser came to the rescue.  She organised colours so we could do them at home and not have to spend a fortune correcting box dyes when this is all over.

I jumped at it and yesterday John applied colour to my roots and toner to the ends.  You can see how we got on over on my IGTV.  After a few choice words we got there!  The boy did good!  He finally made his Biscoff traybakes too so yesterday was a very good day!


Throughout this horrible, surreal time we have all seen so much kindness from people and businesses, my hairdresser being one of them.  Instead of thinking how much money could be made just really looking after clients/customers.

Hairdressers/beauticians doing free online tutorials, wedding venues/suppliers transferring dates, stationers providing printables, accountants keeping everyone informed, personal trainers giving free online training, freezing payments and even having virtual pub quizzes!  Too many to mention.  Why do it?  Because we are all going through this together, it’s no ones fault.  When you run a business it’s a passion, you appreciate everyone who supports it.  

I’ve said it before…. and I’m not forgetting the kindness from our customers/clients in return. It has been so heartwarming.  How much more special will your big days be when you’ve waited longer than you thought!  

When this is over I am certain we will all have learnt a lot about ourselves and each other.  We will make different choices and decisions for sure.

In the meantime, look after yourselves and each other!  (There you go I did it, Jerry Springer style closing!). 
 Disclaimer; if you don’t know who JS is then I think you might be more suited to my Tik Tok page – over with the young’uns 😝

Stay at home and this will be over soon! 


Gemma x