Diary of a Cake “Woman” days 7 & 8

This was John’s 40th birthday weekend and it was definitely quieter than planned.  We treated ourselves to pizza on Saturday night, opened the champagne John got for his birthday and sat down to watch some birthday messages from family and friends.  Well wasn’t that emotional!  It was really lovely, lots of funny and lovely messages.  No wonder I’ve been an emotional wreck all week with those coming in.

Today we went for a wee drive, we didn’t get out of the car but it was good just to see somewhere else! The clocks went forward last night, usually this means today goes a lot quicker, it really didn’t.  We had a bbq, then I dozed outside in the sun with a blanket and after that watched some tv.

Today the news has reported that another 6 people have died in NI bringing the total to 21.  I can’t imagine what those families must be going through right now.  All we need to do is stay in and news like this just makes me feel pathetic for being frustrated with this situation and way of living! 

Tomorrow I need to get my act together and try and find some routine in this the new normal.  I just really miss our old life. 

Look after yourselves 

Gemma x