Diary of a Cake “Woman” ~ Day 6

So today was actually quite a normal day but not a normal day….you know what I mean?!! Never ever on a Friday would we normally have time to take a breath but today was different.  The sun came out, which I don’t know about anyone else, but I honestly needed!  

I can’t help but wonder what it would’ve been like had this virus not disrupted all our lives!  Hectic I would say!  We would’ve been flat out getting orders out and packing for London for a few days!!  Anyway, no point in dwelling.  


Today we made pancakes!  Jack was supposed to be having a pancake day at school for a junior entrepreneur project….his teacher suggested we have our own little pancake day!  I’m so glad she did.  I have to acknowledge the positive in all of this and just be honest.  Never would I usually be free to do something like this…….never mind on a Friday (one of our busiest working days). 

Let’s be real….

Ok some of you maybe do normally have spare time to make pancakes with your kids and that’s wonderful.  You’re probably thinking what is the big deal? I simply share what we are doing as my own little daily log and for anyone who might be interested in reading or watching on my stories.  It’s not to make anyone (including me) feel bad or like they they need to prove themselves or their kids (although there’s nothing too threatening about our pancakes!).  It’s really not a competition.  There will be times when I can’t be with my kids and you can, and vice versa.  That’s ok!  A bit like our NHS workers and key workers, what they wouldn’t give to be at home with their kids right now.  So you Mum’s that have little, tiny kids please take my advice, “your” best is good enough for “your” kids. (Well wasn’t that deep?!) 

It really felt normal…

This evening we had a bbq.  This was all kinds of normal!  As soon as there’s a glimpse of sunshine our bbq is out!!  John spent this morning getting it shined up.  Then this evening we had our usual bbq as if all was normal.  It was so good!  It did feel normal.  Then you turn the tv on and you say to yourself…..is this honestly happening? Is this even real?  It is most definitely the most surreal time of my life!! 

Things I’m noticing

Brighter mornings and evenings ~ I’ve been longing for these.

If this is going to go on for weeks we need to find a new normal

We aren’t using anymore loo roll than usual.  So I guess we were right not to panic buy?!

Look after yourselves

Love Gemma xx