Diary of a Cake “Woman” ~ Day 5

Short and sweet today……I’m running out of things to write about, what did we actually do today?  We went for a walk, half way to Bellaghy. Need to make a point of getting out more.

Tell me what you’re up to, are you a key worker? Someone on the frontline? You’re all amazing, all we have to do is learn to do nothing and there you are risking your lives, dealing with the unimaginable.

I think we have established that in busier times as much as I’ve wished for days of doing nothing…..I am not terribly good at it! Didn’t I tell you, any day now I’m going to get into spring cleaning and decluttering mode!! I am the type of person that works best under pressure, with a deadline!  If someone could tell me what date we could all get back to normal…then I would set about doing some productive tasks! Maybe I should make up date ! lols

I’m sure I have mentioned Saturday is John’s 40th birthday, I need to fill the day.  John and the kids have collectively decided that burgers are the desired food for Saturday night dinner!!  I have a nice wee evening planned, however, I have another 8-10 hours to fill!  Ideas on a postcard please!  

Things I’m noticing…..

I’m so thankful that we are passed the polyphonic stage in this house ~ I never really got to grips with them.

Ozark season 3 is on Netflix from tomorrow

Friday night dinner series 6 is back on ch4

Friday night sorted!

Look after yourselves

Love Gemma xx