Diary of a Cake “Woman” ~ Day 4

Today was long!!! This morning I did school work with Jack, we are fairly on top of it. So far one-to-one seems to be going well. After this I spent most of my day doing very little. I know I should occupy myself with things (other than TikTok lol). I’m just not sure I could do anything that would be classed as quality at the minute! Tomorrow I think we need to go for a walk in the countryside. There has been rain here today so it hasn’t been that appealing.

Help is coming…

There is still financial worry. It’s getting close to bill paying time. As yet the Government have not released funds for grants. There seems to have been confusing messages for NI people with one helpline not knowing what the other is doing! Tomorrow there will be some kind of announcement on what they will do for the self employed. None of this is going to be a quick fix. What has really helped is we have had invoices that were due, paid. We are so grateful. Yesterday we had a May bride postpone until December. She insisted she pay us now as she was going to anyway. It’s these little acts of kindness that keep us going.

Together 24/7, how’s it going?

Would love to know how you’re all doing being indoors constantly with your other halves?! John and I haven’t really noticed any difference as we have had years of practice constantly being together. I know it takes a bit of getting used to but you will get there, I promise.

So much support….

Last night I had some lovely messages about this blog. I only started this diary as a place for me to vent. A way to give me something to do each day. Kind of selfish! I’ve had people message to say they can totally relate to what I’m writing. This is so comforting and good to know I’m not talking to myself. One of the people in contact was the lovely Emma from The Promise NI. She is the queen of wedding blogs in Northern Ireland. For Emma to say she enjoys my blogs is kind of a big deal! She has very kindly offered ten businesses the opportunity to advertise on her blog. I am now one of them. So here is the biggest shout out I can give. Emma’s business has also been affected, but she has chosen to help others.


The news is reporting deaths at a greater speed now, it’s scary. People who have no underlying illnesses among them. We are all scared, there is no getting away from it now. The best thing we can do is stay away from each other.

Things I’m noticing….

I am missing people I wouldn’t even usually see!

We all used to look forward to Summer, weddings and holidays, now we look forward to this sorry mess being over!

I can’t wait to throw a party! I used to be concerned that my house wasn’t big enough to throw a party. When this is all over I am going to throw the mother of all parties and of course there will be cake!

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