Let’s have Coffee & Cake

Do you fancy it?

Some of you may know I have recently started a weekly live show on Instagram called, you’ve guessed it, Coffee & Cake! It all started with me pushing myself to do more live stories, not sure why I’m saying “more”, “any” live stories would be more like it lol.

Way out of my comfort zone!

If you follow me on Instagram you will think, what’s she talking about, sure she talks on her stories all the time?! Yes, I hear ya, but those aren’t live, if I don’t like it I can easily delete and repeat and then post! Live is live, there’s no going back!

I thought, come on Gemma, you can’t be afraid of this one thing, just do it! One Monday I decided, right…I’m going live this Wednesday night. The next thing I knew I had popped a notice on my stories so there would be no getting out of it come Wednesday.

Gemma sitting at table taking part in Coffee & Cake Live

I did it!

Wednesday came around quickly. Feeling very nervous and armed with both coffee and cake….AND….Wine and Chocolate…. I hit that LIVE button! In the end it was so much easier than I thought! I had some friends lined up to support me, just incase no one else turned up. I needn’t have worried, people turned up and I had interaction and questions. It was actually quite funny. During the live my doorbell went, I left John’s poor Auntie standing at the front door! Well I couldn’t interrupt my live!

Time for guests….

I had seen people do joint lives and thought, I could do this, who could I have as a guest? Maybe I should have a different guest every week? The first person I persuaded to join me was John Bakes Cakes! Obviously we live in the same house so we decided he could just sit beside me for his interview. Again people came on and asked questions. I needed to invite some more people, move over Pamela Ballentine…make way for Coffee & Cake with Gemma! lol

My next guest was Clive from PigmentFilm, followed by Nicola from Cherry Blossom Flowers! I am delighted to say March and April are now fully booked! It’s time to start planning for May now.

How can you watch or be a guest?

I have had a few questions from people who are interested in being a guest, and also people not sure how they can watch. I thought it might be useful to pop them here to clear up any confusion.

Firstly, if you want to be a guest, it doesn’t mean you have to come to my house…I mean you can of course (as long as you bring wine), but it’s not necessary. When you see me go live it’s a click of a button to join me, the screen splits in two and we’re all set! It means you can do the live in the comfort of your own home, car or wherever!

Secondly for people who want to watch, you can tune in on a Wednesday night at 8pm. If you follow me you should get a notification to say I’m going live and you just click into my stories. Here you can comment, say hello, ask questions. If you can’t make it on a Wednesday night, don’t worry. Once we have finished the live I save it for 24 hours so you can catch up in your own time. Within the following 24 hours you can click into my stories and select live at the bottom of the screen to watch. It’s that simple.

Gemma sitting at kitchen table taking part in Coffee & Cake

I love to chat and get to know the people behind the business

It’s all very lighthearted but a great way to learn more about businesses and the real people behind them. At the minute it’s businesses in the Wedding Industry I’m focusing on but who knows where it will lead.

If you’re thinking about being a guest please do not be scared, honestly you will be surprised! Anyone who has appeared so far has enjoyed it and it’s simply a chat with me so I lead you through. You actually forget anyone else is watching.

Tune in on Wednesday night at 8pm here!

If you are interested in being a guest on Coffee & Cake, just get in touch through our contact page.

Gemma x