Our Galgorm Stay – Part 2

If you missed part one of our stay at Galgorm Resort & Spa, you can catch up here.

….Where were we?!  Yes the Gin Evening and then falling into the most comfortable bed, (not because we’d had one to many gins – can you actually have too many gins?!) with fresh, crisp bedding, then waking  up in the morning to hear the river…bliss!!


Breakfast is not usually my favourite meal of the day, it takes me a while before I feel like eating.  When I’m away though, I do look forward to it.  There’s something about not having to make it yourself – you seem to enjoy it more!  John loves a cooked breakfast, whereas I would be more a continental fan.

The last time we stayed at Galgorm we ordered breakfast to our room, something we had never done before but we will always do now.  There is a £10 service charge but it is totally worth it.  There’s such a lot on the menu, although if you make your choices the night before when you’re feeling a little peckish be prepared to eat plenty in the morning!  Unfortunately we don’t have a picture of John’s cooked breakfast as he couldn’t wait and tucked straight in – he’s still in training!

Breakfast in your room is definitely a top tip if you want to make the most of your stay.  I always feel like once I’ve got dressed and gone down for breakfast, that’s it, time to pack up and go – not the case if you eat breakfast in your dressing gown!  Call me lazy if you like!

Back to the Spa

If you’re staying in a Deluxe room you don’t have to check out until 12 noon so you have a little extra time if you want to go for a swim or relax in the spa.  You can also add on a Thermal Village Day Pass at the reduced residents rate of £20 per person, so if you can’t stay for a second night but you’re not in any rush to leave, why not stay on for the afternoon!

We booked the Serenity Bathing Experience from 1pm, so off we headed to the spa after checking out.  You can hire the serenity tub for £100 which includes canapés and a bottle of champagne.   You choose the bath oil to infuse your private tub with, which is yours for 2 hours,  and you have your own little hut with heated seats and a cosy blanket.


In true Northern Ireland style we experienced, cloud, sunshine, clear skies and believe it or not a little skiffle of hail!  That’s where the hut came in handy for me, John refused to get out of the tub.  If anyone would like to get him a hot tub of his own you would make him very happy!

As always we had a fabulous time, from the gin experience, food and drinks in Elements and all the Spa offered we came away feeling very relaxed.  I do recommend you stay for two nights to make the most of all the Resort has to offer but we had to get back to the workshop to kick off wedding season!

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Gemma x