Naked or Semi Naked?


We get so many questions about naked/semi-naked cakes, what flavours can you choose? Does it still taste fresh if it’s uncovered?  What’s the difference between naked and semi-naked?  Hopefully by the time you’ve read this blog your questions will be answered!

Naked/semi-naked cakes were something I originally steered away from!  I thought how could they possibly taste nice and fresh?!  To us, taste is equally as important as how our cakes look!  We decided the only way we would make naked cakes would be to bake them at the crack of dawn on the morning of the wedding!  This would ensure our couples could still have a fresh, moist cake that their guests would enjoy eating!

Another way to ensure a naked/semi naked cake maintains it’s freshness is to deliver at a later time on the day of the wedding.  We arrive in the afternoon before call through and stack and dress the cake at the venue.  This way it isn’t sitting out all day!

So what is the difference between and naked and semi-naked cake?

A naked cake is completely uncovered, whereas a semi-naked cake has a thin layer of buttercream with some of the sponge showing through.

In terms of flavours, I tend to stick to the same colour sponges.  I just think it looks strange to throw a chocolate layer into the mix – you can always have a slab of something different in the kitchen, for example, Chocolate Guinness or Malteser.  Within the cake we generally do a vanilla layer, raspberry & white chocolate and then lemon or orange sponge.

You can choose to dress your cake with fruit alone or you can also add fresh flowers, which I think just brings all your colours together beautifully.

So when people ask if you can have a naked/semi-naked cake and it still taste nice, your answer is yes!  Although it’s all in the preparation!

Gemma x

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