How it all started!

Hi Everyone!

I thought my first blog should be a little introduction to us and how we got into the crazy world of cakes!  If you prefer short and sweet, I will be honest you aren’t going to get it here!

In the very beginning….

So you would be forgiven for thinking that John and I met through our love of baking and decorating cakes, that would also make a lovely story but no it didn’t happen that way!

John and I met when I was 17 and he was 19, we got married on my 21st birthday, looking back I’m sure people thought we were really young!  It didn’t feel that way to us!  At that time I was working in admin in the Housing Executive and John was working for Moy Park, that’s what his degree was in, Agriculture!!  A world away from cakes!!

We were married four and a half years before we had our much wanted daughter, Olivia!  Jack arrived just over 2 years later and our family was complete!  Honestly, complete lol!!

When Olivia was turning four I really wanted a ballet themed cake for her!  She’s been taking ballet lessons since she was two and a half!   I had seen one in M&S about six months before her birthday, but could I find one?!  I decided I would make the pumps myself, sure how hard could it be?!  John came home from work and was impressed with the pumps!  I am an all or nothing kind of girl so I decided to make the cake and ice it as well!!  The party came and went and so did the cake, all gone, every slice!  Everyone was so encouraging I decided I might have  a new hobby, whereas John decided I might have a business!

By this time I was working as a Wedding Planner at the stunning Galgorm Resort & Spa and John was working in machinery hire!  Neither of us really saw this coming!

A month after Olivia’s party I set up a Facebook page, with the few pictures I had!  Overnight I had a business, I even took an order for a wedding cake!!  For the next 8/9 months, until I left my job I spent my time taking orders and teaching myself with every order, what did we ever do without google?!

Looking back, when it came to leaving my job, I’m sure people thought I was crazy, if they had seen how little I had in my diary they really would have!  The orders kept coming! It got to the stage that John was coming home at night asking if he could help!   It turns out he’s a natural at the baking!!  So much so, four months later he left his job and became a full-time partner in the business!  This was a little more scary!  It wasn’t like he loved his job and would miss it but there was the financial worry!  Again the orders came!

What happened next….

We were then introduced to The Wedding Centre in Randalstown!  They were looking for a cake supplier!  We jumped at it and we really worked hard to grow the wedding cake side of the business.  We’re still there!

Each year the business grew and two years after leaving my job Galgorm Resort asked us to supply them with wedding cakes, what a huge compliment!

We are still growing!  In our fifth year, 2017,  we were awarded Wedding Cake Designer of the Year in the Wedding Journal Reader Awards!  As we step into year six with plenty of plans, I’m excited to see what comes next on this amazing adventure!

Hoping you will join us!

Gemma x